Elite Paloumé Forwarders has received a Silver medal in recognition of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Qualification from EcoVadis.

EcoVadis provides a holistic service of Corporate Social Responsibility Qualification and in this case it has carried out an analysis of the company. The EcoVadis Qualification covers a wie range of non-financial management systems that includes the impacts of the environment, labor practises and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchaising. Each company is evaluated on the material aspects corresponding to the size, location and sector of the company.

Considering all these aspects, Elite Paloumé Forwarders has managed to place itself in a Silver position of the ranking 2019.

ELITE PALOUME is the first European forwarder to officially commit to OperationCleanSweep© (OCS) of PlasticsEurope, following in the footsteps of the local Antwerp chemical industry and their distribution sector. For more than 25 years Elite organizes the transport and supply chain for various polymerproducers. By signing the Operation Clean Sweep pledge, we will be working together with the chemical industry, and their full supply chain,to avoid the spill of pellets, so plastics do not end up in the water. We will create awareness amongst our employees about the risks of spills into the environment and what we can do about that. We will encourage our partners and subcontractors to act to prevent pellet spills in their field of operations. The pledge was signed on Wednesday 16th 2019 by our CEO Emanuel Avermaete and Jean-Pierre Swinnen, compliance Manager.



For several years customs representation in Belgium was only possible under the indirect representation method. As this was not in line with the new Union Customs Code (UCC), which entered into force in 2016, the direct representation was introduced in 2017.

This should allow for faster customs declarations. Elite’s role as direct representative is providing professional services related to the execution of customs procedures and ensuring correct customs declarations, while the shippers remains responsible for meeting its legal customs obligations. New authorization documents need to be signed.

gdprThe EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the name of the new European privacy regulation and is considered to be the biggest change in data protection laws for 20 years.

As Elite we are embracing the new regulatory framework.  

The personal data which are recorded when you visit our website will only be processed and used in accordance with the new GDPR legislation.

Our website privacy policy has been fully updated according to the new data protection regulations.


Elite Le Havre, Marseille and Barcelona offices will participate in this 2 day event held on 18/19th October at the ‘Palais du Pharo’ in Marseille. Shippers & logistics companies meet in the form of pre-scheduled meetings.

Again an excellent opportunity to hear from Elite’s supply chain experts on how to cope with today’s challenges in logistics & supply chain.

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