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ELITE PALOUME is the first European forwarder to officially commit to OperationCleanSweep© (OCS) of PlasticsEurope, following in the footsteps of the local Antwerp chemical industry and their distribution sector. For more than 25 years Elite organizes the transport and supply chain for various polymerproducers. By signing the Operation Clean Sweep pledge, we will be working together with the chemical industry, and their full supply chain,to avoid the spill of pellets, so plastics do not end up in the water. We will create awareness amongst our employees about the risks of spills into the environment and what we can do about that. We will encourage our partners and subcontractors to act to prevent pellet spills in their field of operations. The pledge was signed on Wednesday 16th 2019 by our CEO Emanuel Avermaete and Jean-Pierre Swinnen, compliance Manager.



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